What is NW100®?

NW100 is a preservative system based on Alkaline Copper Quaternary compounds for the pressure treatment of wood products. The main active ingredients are copper and quaternary compounds. Copper has long been known to be an effective wood preservative. Copper and quaternary compounds together provide a broad spectrum of long-term protection for wood exposed in exterior applications.


NW100® - Timber Specialties Limited.

The NW100 preservative system is used in the pressure treatment of wood products in exterior applications both above ground and in ground contact, including:


  • Residential construction such as decks, patios, fencing, siding, plywood, sill plate.

  • Recreational applications such as walkways, boardwalks, landscaping, fresh water docks, and gazebos.

  • Construction and commercial applications such as dimensional lumber, structural timbers, posts, decking.

  • Agriculture and horticulture applications such as fencing, framing, and building poles.


The NW100 preservative system is not suitable for pressure treatment of wood used in critical infrastructures such as bridges, piling, etc.






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